We - Healthy Soils Australia - are a network of great number of leading innovative farmers, scientists and advocates. We want to increase the amount of land in Australia, and globally, being transitioned to regenerative farming. We are catalysts who work with others to provide soil related solutions to address their priorities and outcomes. Predominantly we have done, and continue to do this by:

  • establishing what innovative farmers and graziers are doing, in their individual ways, to create healthy soils.
  • becoming an integrator voice for all individuals and organisations with healthy soils on their agenda.
  • raising awareness about healthy soils - providing free access to a wide range of reliable and relevant research, practical information, and discussion on soil remediation solutions at conferences and at regional workshops
  • promoting the recognition of the capital value of sequestered soil carbon and a fair price for land managers.
  • presenting soil related issues to government, business and the community.
  • writing explanatory briefs on how we rehydrate and cool our planet through sustainable agriculture.


Our people

Mike Parish

Mike is one of the pioneering leaders of regenerative agriculture in Australia. He has expertise in growing productive, profitable agricultural businesses within regenerative landscapes.

Mike was born and raised on the land. He has had over 20 years experience managing agricultural properties, including broad acre farming, beef and sheep production, viticulture, irrigation and organic farming. Mike’s land management changed dramatically after completing the RCS Grazing For Profit course in 1993, and then Savory/Holistic Management training in 1995. For the following 13 years, Mike managed agricultural enterprises using holistic management principles, developing several properties into certified organic operations. 

Margie Milgate
Bev Middleton

Bev became interested in soil carbon, healthy soil and regenerative agriculture after a chance meeting on a plane with an old regenerative farmer. “We had a discussion on buffle grass (an introduced species dominating a lot of NT and WA) and during the four hour flight he challenged much of my very urban views on conservation, climate change, agriculture and particularly about the role of carbon in the soil.” Bev wanted to know more. Adding to that revelation, she spent time on a cattle station in the Murchison area in Western Australia. The pastoralists of the property were restoring the land, reducing the grazing pressures, bringing back the perennial grasses, slowing down the water flow and with the help of dingoes restoring the ecological balance. They were passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about the land they were on. It was then, that she decided she wanted to do something to raise awareness about soil health in Australia.

Tom Nicholas

"Tom has extensive experience working in the regenerative agriculture sector (Victoria, NSW and Queensland) and has first hand experience in the implementation of regenerative practices that lead to improved soil biology, building soil carbon, greater water holding capacity (the soil carbon sponge) and is extremely well connected with leading practitioners in this sector."

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